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quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

Time is Flying!

Wowzers, where has the time gone?!
Africa has been keeping me busy and I have totally lost track of time!
Scary thought is that this time next month I will be back home. I can’t wait to see everyone and my girl, but just to let you all know, I may go into clinical depression when I leave here!
I arrived over in Vic Falls, Zimbabwe last Saturday (19th) and this week has flown by. Its been fantastic seeing everyone again and the lions that I walked in September (who are ENOURMOUS now!) Monde and Mvuthu are supposed to be 15 months old, but they are a tad large for 15 month old lions! I did get stalked and run at a little bit the other day by Mvuthu, but I stood my ground and he left me alone. However, turning around and seeing a male lion charging at you, staring you down, is pretty f**king scary!! Needless to say, Emski crapped herself a bit…
What an incredible 2 months it’s been. I will miss everyone here and ma lionsies something chronic. I have learnt so much and feel like a different person (again!). I hope the new ‘’family’’ I have found here, will have me back one day in the future.
All the lions in Vic Falls are great and the C’s (Chisa, Chundu and Chobe – 8 months old) are just too cute for words!
I will miss the people and the lions there very much as well, but one day I hope to be back.
Lots fun times have been had in Zambia as well. A couple of weeks ago, myself, Cara, Nix and Richard went to the Royal Livingstone for High Tea (Yummers!) You pay 20$ and its pretty much an all you can eat buffet of traditional English sandwiches, quiches, cakes, chocolates and all things yummy and calorific! Then it was down to the deck to watch the sun go down over the Vic Falls. Heaven!
Lots of lion walks in the sunshine! For the rainy season, today is the first day of rain we have had since my birthday at the beginning of February! Mornings have been cool, but when midday hits, it is super hot.
I decided to be an awesome intern a couple of weeks ago and cook my Emski Risotto for everyone in Dave’s house. Lovely evening until I fell…twice… The first time the chair I was sat on broke underneath me (no laughing!) and I hurt my ass big time! Then I was playing on an Xbox Kinnect and slipped and went straight down on my bad knee…ouch! I still have bruises and its almost 2 weeks later! And what was everyone doing? Laughing at me! Haha. No harm done, just a puffy knee for a few days!
So I’m now back in Zambia and Mama T arrives on Friday J Can’t wait to see her and show her everything here. Looking forward to seeing her on an Elephant – after all these years I cant get her on a horse, but an Elephant she wants to ride!
I’m working on updating pictures asap, so bear with me!
10 days to go until I start my journey home…
Until next week for my last entry!
Emski xx

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